ESSEC Business School Cergy-Pontoise, France

MBA Programs

Address: ESSEC Business School
Avenue Bernard Hirsch B.P. 50105
Cedex 95021 Cergy-Pontoise
Country: France
ESSEC Business School

Studying at the ESSEC Business School

The ESSEC Business School is interested in combining the need for business experts and the need for socially responsible individuals in their schooling of future leaders, providing classical academical education as well as modern high quality research, connecting students and staff not only through working face-to-face but also by enhancing their online offers, such as reaching out to students via different media platforms, which then also helps especially with the internationalization, giving students from abroad an easy way to reach and connect with the school.

Management Masters

MBA, MSc in Management, Advanced Master’s Degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Advanced Master’s Degree in International Food Industry Management, Advanced Master’s Degree in Information Systems and Telecommunication Networks