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Country: Switzerland
IFM Business School

Studying at the IFM Business School

Established in 1971, IFM Business School is a triple-accredited, awarded, and top-ranked private institution. IFM has high academic standards, excellent business expertise and celebrates over 50 years of reputable Swiss-quality education. IFM’s campus is located in the heart of Geneva, Switzerland.

IFM’s distinctive approach to studies imparts new perspectives, contemporary management knowledge, key skills, practical tools, and the confidence to succeed. Our passion for innovation is reflected in our unique, cutting-edge and hands-on teaching approach. The pioneering curriculum designed by our experts with input from business leaders prepares you for the challenges of the current business world. You will develop an innovative, sustainable, digital and entrepreneurial mindset to achieve a successful career.

IFM offers a personnalised and supportive environment with stylish facilities and state-of-the-art technology to foster a unique experiential education with interactive classes lead by academic and professional specialists and coaches. The in-class experience is enhanced by an exposure to real-world business operations with industry opportunities and tailored career advice.

IFM’s excellence in business education is recognised by 3 major accreditation bodies, top international rankings, awards, along with affiliations to prestigious associations around the world.

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The Location


  • Ranked top 10 for quality of life in the world
  • Ranked 1st for education in the world
  • Ranked 6th worldwide for universities
  • Ranked 1st for global talent competitiveness
  • Ranked 1st in the world for economy, banking and finance
  • A magnificent city perfect for culture, sports, events
  • On the shores of the largest lake in Europe
  • Less than 1 hour from ski resorts


• Ranked #81 among the World's best business schools by CEOWORLD Magazine 2021.
• Ranked in the top Tier One for the MBA programme by CEO Magazine 2020.
• Ranked in ranked 6th worldwide & 1st in Switzerland for the Executive MBA by CEO Magazine 2020.
• Among top 1% of Business Schools worldwide with triple accreditation.
• Awarded "Most Innovative Business School in CH" by Global Brands Magazine.
• Recognised for its positive energy and innovative project by Eduniversal Selected Schools.


  • IFM is ranked 3rd in Switzerland and 75th among the top business schools in the world by Ceoworld.
  • Ranked in the top Tier One in Europe and worldwide for the MBA programme by CEO Magazine.
  • Ranked 1st in Switzerland and 4th worldwide & the Executive MBA by CEO Magazine.
  • Ranked in the top 15 in Switzerland by U-Multirank with the strongest result in knowledge transfer.
  • Among top 1% of business schools worldwide with triple accreditation.
  • Awarded "Most Innovative Business School in Switzerland" by Global Brands Magazine.

Why study here

  • Triple-accredited, awarded, and top-ranked private institution.
  • Pioneering curriculum designed with input from business leaders for maximum career impact.
  • Distinctive learning approach with a solid practical business education and a focus on your success.
  • Top international professors, selected from around the world for their extensive business experience.
  • Personalised and supportive environment with small class sizes to help focus on unlocking your potential.
  • International atmosphere empowered by multicultural classes, cross-cultural skills, study abroad experiences.
  • In-class experience strengthened by an exposure to real-world business operations.
  • Tailored career advice, career workshops, networking and industry opportunities to enhance your marketability.


“The IFM MBA allowed me to develop the skills required to start my career with confi¬dence. I enjoyed working in a great atmos-phere, while being supervised by friendly and open-minded top professionals. I am very proud of my experience as an IFM student as this solid university background helped me realise my projects.”
Jon Malmezac, Sales & Implementation Associate, Sharp Focus, Inc., Los Angeles, USA

“My experience allowed me to grow in an international environment and become more open-minded. The variety of students in class allowed me to develop my team-working skills and facilitate exchange. It was an enriching and satisfying experience.”
Albane Regis, Director - KYC Officer, Audi Bank, Switzerland

“Professors at IFM were able to use their own expertise to boost lessons, that is something that I really liked. I had the chance to get a new job after finishing my EMBA and I am approaching the new role and new responsibilities in a more rational way and a better understanding of my knowledge.”
Diego Tomassone, Commercial Director International, Miller Chemical & Fertilizer, LLC

“The IFM MBA is oriented towards “business realities”. It helps me in my day-to-day tasks as a manager, such as reflection and the capacity to take a step back, allowing us to gain a bigger picture of the solutions needed by a company.”
Yannick Theler, Chief Executive Officer, Savvy Gaming Studios, UAE

“The MBA at IFM allowed me to acquire a lot of new knowledge, essential for the continuation of my professional career. I benefited heavily from the education re¬ceived from professors who have extensive professional and academic experience.”
Moreno Centelleghe, Technical & EHS Director, Debiopharm Research & Manufacturing

“Facing the rapid globalisation of mar¬kets, the IFM MBA curriculum provides essential tools for understanding. Orga¬nised around classes with fewer num¬bers of students, the MBA programme at IFM favors interaction and exchange.”
Eric Bara, General Director , Hautbois, France

“My IFM experience was fascinating. It allowed me to deepen my knowledge and develop an international approach to the reality of business. I recommend it to anyone who wants to gain solid skills.”
Laurie Berthollet, Consultant Financial Services, Swisscom, Switzerland

“When I started at IFM, I already had an interesting position and significant experience behind me. The MBA helped to fill the gaps and see the same activities from a different perspective.”
Alla Ferreiro Hermida, Director, Trade & Commodity Finance Societe Generale, Switzerland

“The curriculum of the MBA programme was really exciting and challenging at the same time. The teaching environ¬ment was very attractive as well. The professors’ academic and professional experience was really inspiring.”
Aliko Blerta, Resident Representative, Algeria, United Nations Development Program