Can anyone tell me how is it possible to complete online masters through distance learning?

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  • Posted by stevenjohn on 05/15/15 9:38pm

    Hi everyone, I'm currently in profession of subordinate retailing supervisor and It is the requirement of my organization when I desire to jump to a senior stage that I will hold at least a masters. As a result of job fill I don't have time to keep my degree in masters, among my friend explained concerning the distance education program being offered in United Arab Emirates by many associations. Please provide me advice which should I select UAE Online University? I 've got this college name while exploring on internet. I have tested the evaluations they are pretty good. I believe distance learning is the better option for an operating specific if he wished to accomplish Masters in Business Administration online.

    • Posted by Thomas Graf on 05/16/15 10:05am

      Hi there,

      in general: Yes, it makes sense to study part-time when you want to stay in your job (e.g., to keep on earning money). In fact, there are many different ways on how a part-time can be structured (e.g., modular vs. residential, distance, blended etc.) and thee pure variety should everyone to find the prtogram that is best suited for him or her.

      Second, there is a difference between a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and other Masters (e.g. in Management). The program from UAE seems to be a Master program but NOT an MBA.

      Finally, is the UAE the best institution for you? This is something that cannot be answered with one or two sentences. It depends on what you want and on your alternatives. For instance, if your employer tells you in advance that he recognizes this degree from this institution and recommends you to study there - then it may be a good idea. If you have other criteria such as an international accreditation (AACSB, EQUIS, AMBA), then it may be a bad idea.

      I recommend you to read carefully my MIM eBook on Business Masters.

      • It helps you to understand the fundamental differences among business masters (including different types of MBA programs and different types of part-time programs.
      • It explains the different types if accreditations and when they are important versus when they are unimportant.
      • It also tells you how to read rankings.
      • Finally, it guides on matching your own career goals with different sort of programs such that you can find the program with the best fit.

      Best wishes

      By Thomas Graf
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