For how many scholarships can I apply?

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  • Posted by mariapavlov on 09/18/12 10:12pm

    Hi everybody,

    thank you for a great website and a fantastic forum. Thanks for all the effort!!! I have one quick question. Can I apply for more than one scholarship? Most schools offer quite a bunch of scholarships and more than one would apply for me.

    If I can only apply for one scholarship - which one would you recommend me? I am coming from Eastern Europe and there is a scholarship paricularly for this region. Also, I am running my own business and there is a scholarship for entrepreneurs.

    Please advise! Thank you again.

    • Posted by Thomas Graf on 09/26/12 6:11pm

      Hi Maria,

      thank you for your question. As to my best knowledge, you can always apply for more than one scholarship. Of course, it's up to the School's policy and there may be a limit (at IE Business School for instance you can apply for three scholarships at the same time).

      I would read carefully the Financial Aid webpage of the respective school or eve contact the financial aid office and ask them directly.

      Also, I would try to choose more specific scholarships - those that can be closer connected with your specific profile. E.g., if you come from Southeast Asia and if there is a scholarship for people form that region I would apply rather for that one than for a more general one. Your chances might be higher.

      Finally, my experience is that a very good GMAT score (at least 650) is often important for the decision who to grant a scholarship. Just an advice... :)

      Best wishes

      By Thomas Graf
      Owner MBA Compass