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  • Posted by CHOM on 08/24/13 12:09am

    Hi dears,

    I wanna ask about MBA-IT as a career prospective:

    • Is it worth a study or a mini MBA is enough ?

    • Posted by Thomas Graf on 08/24/13 9:55pm

      Hi there,

      thank you for your question. The idea behind a Master of Business Administration (MBA) is to provide general management knowledge, not specific knowledge in one area. Hence, I have always been somewhat skeptical about MBA programs with a specialization such as the "IT" in the MBA IT.

      Meanwhile, my perspective has changed, however. If the program provides a broad portfolio of general management content and then a specialization in the later stages, for instance, it can be an interesting study experience. Furthermore, I see the opportunity that schools offering such programs build up a reputation as being an educator in the respective specialization and attract companies that specifically recruit graduates with that background.

      Bottom line: If you are interested in information technology and management, doing an MBA IT can make sense. I would clarify, in advance, however:

      (1) The curriculum and study structure: How much IT and in which phases of the program do you get taught?

      (2) Does the school have experience with placing graduates from that MBA IT program - for instance, because of a distinct network of IT firms?

      If the IT content refers to only some electives the "MBA IT" is rather a marketing label than a true learning experience in IT. If the school does not provide you with a career advantage due to the "IT" extension, I would doubt the value of it as well.

      As for your question about the Junior MBA - I am not sure what exactly you are referring to.

      Best wishes

      By Thomas Graf
      Owner MBA Compass
      Author of the MBA&MIM eBook