My doubts ..please guide me

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  • Posted by Ranjith on 08/10/14 7:33pm

    Hi all,
    My profile 10-81%
    Now planning to do MBA or mib I'm Germany .please suggest me some universities.
    Please tell me the difference b/w MBA and mib.

    • Posted by Thomas Graf on 08/11/14 11:23am

      Hi there,

      I have written an article on the difference between an MBA and a MIB that may answer your question.

      Second, I recommend you to carefully read my MIM eBook as it provides you with a methodology how you can approach business programs and find those that fit your profile and goals.

      As for German universities, the first step is to search for them using our Search Engine Filters (e.g. full-time MBA, Germany, Entry requirements etc.) and the second is to visit their websites and read the admissions criteria carefully.

      Best wishes

      By Thomas Graf
      Owner MBA Compass
      Author of the MBA&MIM eBook