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  • Posted by beRnhart on 04/17/13 11:03am


    what's the mimimum GMAT score for top MBA programs in Europe? Is 630 be sufficiient? If not would you recommend to take the text again?

    Million thanks!!!!

    • Posted by Thomas Graf on 04/18/13 1:35am

      Hi there,

      thank you for yoru question. It depends on how you define "top". A general (not official) rule of thumb is that MBA students should have a minimum score of 600. Particularly in highly ranked schools, the average scores are much higher though.

      • INSEAD writes on their homepage: "In order to be competitive, you should aim to achieve a score at or above the 70 - 75 percentiles in both the quantitative and verbal sections." The average GMAT score in 2011 was 703.
      • London Business School also has around 700.
      • IESE 680.

      Keep in mind that you can have lower scores as these scores are just average scores; also the GMAT is just one criterion and you may be able to compensate for a lower score by providing interesting work experience,. for example.

      If you want to apply for a merit-based scholarship, however, I recommend to have 650 at minimum.

      Best wishes

      By Thomas Graf
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