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Studying at the Munich Business School

The Munich Business School tries to implement a strong sense of respect for others and social responsibility, taking that as a foundation for the students to use in their further careers, combining those skills with an analytic sense for economical expertise and entrepreneurship. All of this combined knowledge, which the school wants to offer with the utmost quality, is supposed to support the students in a way that they will be able to contribute to future challenges in a ever-changing economical and management world.

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Feel welcome to contact Mrs. Julia Schwarzfischer from Munich Business School for any question you have on the MBA. Just use the Request Info Button.

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The Location

Strewn with German corporations (e.g. BMW, Allianz, Siemens) and Global Players (Microsoft, General Electric, Intel, Google), Munich is one of Europe’s most vibrant economic centers. The leading industries are new technologies, media, life sciences, and automotive. But small and large companies from all industries find Munich’s business environment stimulating. In line with our commitment to real world relevance, Munich Business School has been cultivating close relations to the region’s corporations for years – and our students benefit from our robust network when they look for internships, partner companies for their theses, and employment after graduation.


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