I was looking forward to an international professional challenge!

Andre Rocha, Portugal
Institution:ESMT Berlin
Program:Full-time MBA

Why did you decide for a fulltime MBA program?

When I decided to invest in an MBA, I had almost 10 years of professional experience, mostly in R&D roles in the Telecom industry. My initial education had been in Electrical and Computers Engineering and, even though I had also earned a Master in Economics a few years before, I felt that business management competence was missing from my profile. Getting it could be the key to reach higher career levels. Moreover, I was also looking forward to an international professional challenge and knew that an international MBA could work as a first step in that direction.

Why did you decide for the ESMT fulltime MBA?

The choice for the Full-Time MBA at ESMT was the result of an extensive analysis of the business schools market. After a detailed online research and many discussions with friends who had gone through the same process, I arrived at a shortlist of five schools across Europe and set out to visit them.

I was very impressed with the day spent at ESMT back then, particularly when compared to all other prominent schools I had just visited. The amount and quality of personalized attention received, the stimulating MBA class attended, the fantastic building and modern infrastructure, the location at the heart of one of the most exciting cities to live in, Berlin.

What are the key advantages of the ESMT MBA?

The value proposition of the MBA program is very attractive. First, a relatively small class enables the establishment of close bonds among all students, professors and staff. Second, a strong and international faculty has been recruited from leading universities around the globe, and is fully dedicated to teaching and researching at ESMT. Third, the school’s mission of developing responsible leaders is taken seriously, for example with inspiring courses such as Sustainable Business. Finally, the program offers amazing experiences throughout the year, such as our 10-day field trip to San Francisco and Silicon Valley, where we could network with start-ups and giant corporations, venture capitalists and academics.

How did you feel at the beginning of the program?

Soon after starting, I realized that the MBA year would be much more than simply learning about business-related matters. It would open up my network to hundreds of new people in completely different places, industries and roles. It would make me part of a greater family who provides me support when needed. It would help me knowing myself better, leveraging my strengths and addressing my weaknesses.

Lookin back - how did you profit from the ESMT MBA?

My post-MBA objectives were also fully achieved. Before the end of the program, I had already signed contract for an exciting position, in Germany, with a leading management consulting firm. Currently, I am living in the Munich area, where I have relocated along with my wife and two children earlier this year.

Quite frequently I am contacted by potential MBA candidates who want to know more about my experience at ESMT. To all of them I have nothing but a strong recommendation to go for ESMT, where they can get world-class management education, a warm and personalized treatment, a high level of international exposure, and a wonderful lifetime experience in Berlin.

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