How good are these schools?

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  • Posted by pinky on 06/28/14 7:44pm

    I'm an Engineering graduate with a work experience of 1 year. With this little work experience I thought I should look for MIM programs only ,but I recently got to know that there are a few universities that offer MBA programs for recent graduates with no work experience. Some of the universities I found are


    Among these, SCHILLER does not require GMAT/GRE scores and the MBA it offers is of one year duration. I spoke to the admissions representative and he told me that they have intakes every month and I can join them at my own pace.
    NYIT requires a GMAT/GRE score and KELLER mentions that it would ask for a GRE/GMAT score only in case the student does not meet their minimum GPA requirement.

    How good are these universities? Do you think I should apply to any of them ? Are there any other universities that accept recent graduates for their MBA program?

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    • Posted by Thomas Graf on 06/29/14 12:37pm

      Hi Harita,

      your question includes several sub-questions.

      (1) Does an MBA for graduates make sense?
      If the program delivers good content and if the respective student is only interested in this content - and if the program is a serious program with good content and teaching quality - then yes, it may make sense, just like any other good business master (whatever the name of the program is).

      If someone looks for an MBA (!), however, this does not make sense because a Master of Business Administration is something else. An MBA is a program FOR PROFESSIONALS, where people with work experience can share their knowledge and combine it with academic stuff. An MBA is also for people who search for advanced positions (and NOT entry positions) after graduation and want the school to support them for this.

      (2) How can I identify "good" - let's better say: quality - schools and programs?
      I recommend you strongly to read my ebook "Roadmap to your Master in Business Degree" for this. Here you learn how to analyze programs and schools according to criteria that you developed before.

      Best wishes

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