Accadis Hochschule Bad Homburg, University of Applied Sciences Bad Homburg, Germany

MBA Programs

  • MBA

    Full-time MBA, English

Address: Accadis Hochschule Bad Homburg, University of Applied Sciences
Du Pont-Str. 4
61352 Bad Homburg
Country: Germany

Studying at the accadis

The Accadis Hochschule Bad Homburg focuses mainly on provision of an all-encompassing range of education, supplying possibilities from pre-school to adult education. Internationality, foreign languages, academical foundation, practical approach, and personal growth are all keywords for describing the school’s principles in relation to lifelong learning. The great location of the school gives the opportunity for many students to take part at one of the programs since bigger cities in that area are not very far away.

Accadis Hochschule offers international and interdisciplinary education for all ages from Kindergarten up to further education. Interested students can only apply in German.

Management Masters

MBA Management and Leadership, Master of Arts M. A. International Management