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International MBA


More than 120,000 participants from over 50 different countries have entrusted their training to us, a fact that highlights EADA as one of the most innovative and prestigious business schools in Spain.

EADA is ranked among the top 90 business schools in the world by The Economist and the MBA Programme was named among the top 23 in Europe by the Financial Times.

Moreover, EADA has been awarded the internationally prestigious accreditations of EQUIS and AMBA. EADA students become part of a community with over 50 years of history committed to lifelong learning and the continued professional development of graduates.


EADA has developed its own practical, active and participatory approach with an emphasis on 'learning by doing'. This approach offers a unique study environment with classes of approximately 30 participants in which students will collaborate with classmates and faculty from all over the world, specially selected to contribute to a challenging and rewarding learning environment.
Competencies are developed at EADA through the Case Method, business projects, business simulations, analysis and discussion groups and team-working activities. Participants are consistently placed in real-life business situations, forced to think like executives and make strategic decisions.


Personalise your experience. Strategic tracks allow participants to customise the MBA to meet their needs.

Management skills. In EADA's residential training centre, participants take part in a unique professional development programme involving group activities, role plays, business simulations and individual coaching.
Multicultural environment. Ninety-five percent of participants have an international background. They have all gone through a careful selection process and have several years of professional experience.
Human touch. The limited number of participants per class, EADA's knowledgeable faculty and the ongoing group work contribute to building a personal relationship with all MBA participants.


International Week Abroad. Each year, EADA invites MBA alumni and current participants to participate in a course focused on an area of current business trends in a world-renowned business school in Europe, Asia or the Americas.

Exchange Programme. EADA offers the opportunity to supplement your MBA with an exchange experience in one of our prestigious 29 international partner schools such as Nagoya University (Japan), Mannheim Business School (Germany), the Rotterdam School of Management (the Netherlands), UCLA (USA) and the Universidad de los Andes (Colombia).


EADA's MBA is specially designed to promote participants' professional development throughout the programme.

Managerial skills. EADA's MBA includes 5 residential modules based on the development of the key competencies needed to succeed in the business world: working in diverse teams and adapting to multicultural environments, communicating effectively in the business world and making powerful presentations, and using negotiation techniques and leadership skills effectively.

Profile of Professional Competencies. Participants complete self-evaluation exercises, establish action plans and receive feedback from classmates about their competencies. The PPC will improve employability and prepare participants for reincorporation into the business world.

Coaching. Through dynamic face-to-face interviews, participants work with the coach to identify and define objectives, discover new resources and approaches, establish workplace action plans, generate new insights and perspectives and align their efforts.


The Career Service Department helps participants prepare for and manage successful careers post-graduation. At EADA, you will:

Improve your employability. EADA designs workshops and conferences to keep participants informed about job market trends.

Receive personalised career counseling. One-to-one meetings are arranged throughout the year with EADA's career advisors to help participants define their professional objectives and prepare them to follow their chosen career path.

Contact companies directly. Representatives from different fields are invited to share their companies' mission, values and job opportunities at EADA's annual career events. Participating companies have included Almirall, Laboratorios Hartmann, Novartis, Sanofi-Aventis, Apple, Google, Banco Mediolanum, ING Bank, Lloyds TSB Management Solutions, Accenture, Axis Corporate, Catenon, Deloitte, Hudson, Human Management Systems, KPMG, Mazars, Converse, Mango, Nike, Barilla, Henkel, Vodafone, Seat, The Colomer Group, Schneider, Ceinsa and Repsol.

Access professional internships and jobs. EADA's Career Service provides access to valuable professional opportunities. Our graduates have worked in companies including Accenture, Lufthansa, Novartis, Bayer, Banco Santander, Deutsche Telekom AG, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Carlsberg, Bombardier Aerospace, Unilever, Citigroup and HSBC.

Explore international opportunities. EADA provides exclusive resources with information about working abroad and international headhunters.

Join EADA's international alumni network. EADA's Regional Chapters allow alumni living abroad to meet and network. Currently there are 13 Regional Chapters all over the world.


Core courses:

• Business Analysis & Planning
• Business Life Cycle
• Strategic Management
• International Economics I
• Human Resources Management
• Marketing Management I
• Operations Management
• Social Entrepreneurship
• International Economics II
• Financial Decision Making
• Strategic Implementation
• Management Control
• Management of Information Systems
• Marketing Management II
• Marketing Simulator
• Corporate Finance Strategy
• Financial Markets
• Market and Business Research
• e-Business

Managerial skills modules:

• Team work
• Self-management
• Communication
• Leadership
• Negotiation

Strategic tracks:

International MBA Participants will have the opportunity to choose one of the following strategic tracks according to their professional profile and career goals:

General Management (English or Spanish)

Participants can choose courses in the areas of finance, strategy, human resources, marketing and operations.

  • Stock Market
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Personal leadership
  • Branding
  • Supply Chain Management

Energy (English)

Participants will learn to define and understand the market conditions which determine the prices of Energy and Commodities.

  • Energy and Commodity markets
  • Investment decisions of oil and gas companies
  • Market volatility of oil and gas

Course material will cover BP, Shell and the National oil Giants of PeMex and PetroBras.

Entrepreneurship (English or Spanish)

This track will focus on the entrepreneurial process in the intentional phase.

  • Identifying/creating an opportunity
  • Defining the opportunity
  • Opportunity assessment
  • Acting on the opportunity (business models generation)
  • Matching an opportunity with personal goals

Retail (English or Spanish)

Participants will learn how to maximise proposed value by managing the consumer experience, and develop a 360 degree vision of the challenges of the marketing process.

  • Experimential Marketing
  • Neuromarketing: business and emotions
  • Geomarketing
  • Shopper CRM
  • Mobile commerce
  • Fashion Retail

Note: Strategic tracks may change from year to year based on business and academic developments.


Average age: 29 years old

Gender: Male 61% / Female 39%

Average work experience: 5 years (min. 3)

Class make up: 92% International; 46 nationalities represented

ConcentrationsEnergy, Entrepreneurship
Entry RequirementsGMAT/GRE or school's own test
Tuition Fees


Length11 Months
Program TypeFull-time MBA
Application Deadline

Rolling deadline

Application Procedure

1. Fill in the online application form.

2. Present the requested documents:

  • Academic record
  • Copy of university degree
  • Two letters of recommendation. The referees can write letters on company/university letterhead or the downloadable form on the Web page
  • Two essays:

a) Describe why you have chosen to pursue an MBA at EADA now. How do you expect the MBA to benefit in your professionally and personally and how can you contribute to the programme?

b) Describe the skills needed to succeed as a manager in today’s global workplace.

  • Photocopy of passport or ID
  • A passport size photo

The documents can be sent:

  • By e-mail:
  • By post: EADA Admissions Department, C/Aragó 204, 08011 Barcelona, Spain
  • By fax: +34 933 237 317

3. Candidates with a suitable profile will be contacted and requested to submit a GMAT score (600 or higher) and a TOEFL score (80 or higher, IBT) or take EADA's own admission tests. EADA’s reference code for the GMAT and TOEFL is 7024.

4. Candidates will be required to have a personal interview with the Programme Director or an authorised international representative from the school.

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