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Carlos Rello del Castillo, Mexico
Institution:EADA Business School
Program:International MBA

Why did you decide for the EADA Business School?

When I decided to study an MBA, I though hard about which city I would like to spend a year in. EADA offered me the chance to study in Barcelona, a city that has everything: history, culture, beaches, sports and fun. But EADA offered much more.

How was itlike studying at EADA?

I completed the International MBA in EADA in 2006. There were people from all over the world in my class (India, Colombia, Turkey, Belgium, Germany, Portugal, Korea, the United Arab Emirates, Austria, Switzerland, France, Belorussia, Italy, Argentina, the Netherlands, Canada, Spain and Mexico). This mix of culture, ideology and experiences was ideal for working with businesses cases. Cases were the main assignments in the majority of classes, including Strategic Management, Business Analysis, Planning and Operations, Economics, Finance, Marketing and Human Resources.

We were divided into groups of 5 at the beginning of the programme. Each group analysed the cases and prepared a strategy or solution. We would go over the general aspects of the case in class before separating into our groups to discuss the case further. It was interesting to see each group’s analysis of the cases and the solutions they presented based on their different experiences and ideologies. I learned a lot from these discussions as well as the theoretical and practical contributions from professors.

What happend after your International MBA?

When I returned to Mexico, I rejoined the family business run by my father, Bio-Sistemas Sustentables. In a sentence, this business aims to "solve the problem of waste management in Mexico once and for all in a sustainable manner" and it is made up of a group of companies dedicated to various activities including the improvement of the environment in general and the remediation and improvement of soil. Our raw material is made up of everything from Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) to PET waste. We produce polyester fibres for the furniture industry and geotextiles for the automotive and construction industries, as well as Natur-Abonobss, which is used to fertilise and improve organic soil.

How did your MBA from EADA help you for your own business?

With the help of a great team, we launched Natur-Abono. The concepts and techniques I had learned about at EADA were of great help, from the development of a Business Plan to the execution of a sales strategy. Although we recognised that Natur-Abono was a unique, innovative world-class product, the market was unknown territory. Today, the media knows the brand well and we are about to introduce it into self-service shops. It has not been easy, but I hope to have great results to share soon, and maybe even see it used as a successful case like the ones we studied at EADA.

Carlos Rello del Castillo
Partner/Shareholder, Bio-Sistemas Sustentables

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