A once-in-a-lifetime memorable experience.

Sanaa Ibrahim, Lebanon
Institution:EADA Business School
Program:International MBA

How would you describe your International MBA experience at EADA? What was the highlight?

Without thinking twice, I would say it is a once-in-a-lifetime memorable experience which is only possible when one is willing to take the risk of leaving everything behind and engaging in such a remarkable journey. I was able to share my life, both the difficult and pleasurable moments, with people from all over the world, and build everlasting friendships. I found extreme joy in getting acquainted with different cultures and mentalities, and sharing mine in return. In the end, I have a family, a friend and a home in almost every country around the globe.

How did the modules in the Residential Training Centre contribute to your learning?

The modules were very enriching; they have empowered my interpersonal communication, negotiation and leadership skills by exposing me to real life situations and business dilemmas. The long working hours and heavy work load in such a short period of time forced us to extend our threshold and take important and sometimes instant decisions even under pressure and with little guidance. The professors were an important factor in the success of these modules, as they were very experienced, skilled and open to different ideas and suggestions.

How did this experience help you achieve your personal and professional goals?

My previous position as a financial analyst at ABQ Zawya had involved researching and evaluating publicly listed companies’ financial statements as well as the sectors and markets they operated in. In the MBA, I was able to build on this experience and grow into senior management roles. I gained more knowledge in areas such as strategic planning, budgeting, forecasting and organizational behavior to become an effective manager. This has enabled me to handle greater responsibilities and to face the ever growing difficulties and challenges of today’s global workplace. EADA’s MBA has allowed me to become an effective component in any organisation’s decision making system, steering the business in line with its financial, social, and environmental objectives.

What would you recommend to new students or students applying to the programme?

To new students, I would say: work hard, party hard. The MBA period is very short; seize every opportunity you encounter along the way, and don’t forget to enjoy every moment.

To students applying, I would advise them to join EADA, as it has one of the best developed and most innovative management programs. The fact that it stresses personal development, case studies, group work and interactivity made it the top choice for me. In addition, EADA’s location in one of the world’s most cultured cities will surely add a special flavor to the whole experience.

Sanaa Ibrahim
Research Analyst, Executive Magazine,

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