Bloomberg Businessweek to Release Global MBA Ranking

Published: 26 August 2018 | by Thomas Graf

Instead of releasing two separate MBA rankings for US and international programmes, the US magazine Bloomberg Businessweek is planning to combine both in a global MBA ranking this December. According to Poets & Quants, Businessweek will still continue to publish a separate ranking only for US schools but will not publish a separate list of international schools anymore.

Five assessment criteria for the MBA ranking

Five new assessment criteria shall be the base for the programmes‘ evaluation (income, learning, networking, diversity and transformation) as well as surveys amongst the schools, students, alumni and recruiters.

Different MBA rankings - different criteria - different ranks

In general, rankings differ by the criteria they apply to rank business schools and MBA programs. Depending on the criteria, some schools or programs achieve higher ranks than others and the value of such rankings for future MBA students remains questionable. We have compared the most important MBA rankings with respect to their criteria, weightings, and sources of information.