Start-up article Financial Times

Published: 30 January 2015 | by Thomas Graf

The Financial Times has published an interesting article recently, suggesting that a Master of Business Administration (MBA) can support entrepreneurs in starting their own business. MBA graduates have an income of US-Dollar 134,000 on average, three years after their graduation if they start their own business during or shortly after their graduation. 

Survey among 7,800 MBA graduates

This is the result of a survey among 7,800 graduates from Financial Times ranked top-100 MBA programs. Given that becoming an entrepreneur is not the main reason why most MBA students start an MBA, these numbers are interesting.

Survival rate of start-ups from MBA graduates

Also the survival rate of MBA entrepreneurs looks good: 84 percent of the survey participants had their business still running after three years. Even though an MBA provides a general management education (and not necessarily entrepreneurship knowledge), MBA students seem to learn important skills that can be used in the start-up context.

Source: Financial Times 2015