Welcome to the MBA and Executive MBA Compass

Published: 12 August 2012 | by Thomas Graf

Dear all,

thank you for visiting the MBA & Executive MBA Compass - the new platform for people interested in the Master of Business Administration.

After the great success of my other platform - the Master in Management Compass (MIM Compass) - I thought it is time for a new MBA platform as well. Thereby, I use the same concept as for the MIM Compass:

  • useful background information on the Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • a full database of MBA programs
  • a detailed Search Engine that allows for filtering the right programs
  • an Ask-an-Expert Forum where you get advise in how you find the right program
  • information on Events and Deadlines
  • Testimonials of ex-MBA students
  • Blogs of current MBA students

The website is just going to start and will be developed in the next months. Thank you again for visiting the MBA Compass and please forward it to all your friends and colleagues who are interested in MBA programs - fulltime, part-time, or Executive MBAs.

Best wishes

Thomas Graf
Founder of the MBA & Executive MBA Compass