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Published: 16 August 2013 | by Thomas Graf

For many MBA aspirants a key question remains: How finance my Master of Business Administration? Particularly the more renowned programs require tuition fees that - together with living expenses - place a burden on full-time students' pockets. The European School of Management and Technology (ESMT) in Berlin offers a new and loan-based financing concept now for which applicants from 150 countries are eligible.

Financing your MBA through a loan program

Since recently, the ESMT cooperates with Prodigy Finance, a platform that grants loans for individually determined interest rates. The innovative approach here is: While banks determine interest rates based on past performance, Prodigy assesses the future potential of each student. Once you qualify for the ESMT full-time MBA, hence, you can also apply for the Prodigy loan program.

Contact and information on this loan program

Information about this system and the application is provided on the Prodigy Finance platform.